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Interested in supporting cross-app comments for podcasts?


You don't need this project or any custom software to get started today!

For example:

<rss xmlns:podcast="" ...>
     <title>Episode 70: An episode about nothing</title>
     <podcast:socialInteract platform="mastodon" protocol="activitypub" accountId="@yourpodcast">

Podcast App Developers

The best way to give your existing users the ability to comment to these posts is to host a service that speaks ActivityPub .

Assuming you have an existing user/profile system in your app, you need to:

What is Minipub?

Minipub is an open-source microservice for podcast app developers that does all of this for you.

You can host Minipub on your own server, or in your own Cloudflare Workers account. It gives you a single access point for creating users and comments, and federating them out to the world.

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