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Post a reply comment as a user on the episode’s comment server

A client-to-server (or c2s) ActivityPub interaction

In this scenario, the podcast client app facilitates logging in as an authenticated user of the ActivityPub server specified in the RSS feed.

In general, this involves the following steps:

  1. Fetch the root comment url specified in the RSS item <podcast:socialInteract> tag
  2. Identify the server implementation (Mastodon/Pleroma etc)
  3. Have the user log into the server using an OAuth flow
  4. If server supports c2s posting, post a reply comment using the logged-in user's ActivityPub outbox url and ActivityPub standard c2s Create Activity (if supported)
  5. Else post the reply comment using the server-specific API (e.g. Publish new status in the Mastodon REST API )

Mastodon example